The Local Produce Celebrity: Meet Allen Curtis

You haven't shopped local until you've shopped at Veggies, Fruits, and More with Allen Curtis in Boone, North Carolina. The store offers fresh local produce at competitive prices and a guaranteed smile when you leave. 

Allen runs Veggies, Fruits, and More on his own. The business used to be located off the 105 extension until Zaxby's moved into the area. He soon relocated on King Street directly behind Belk library almost a year ago. But even in the time between relocating you could find him everyday in the blistering heat still serving the community out of his truck on the extension. 

To give you an idea of the loving nature of this man, I stopped by his truck one day and picked up some produce. When I went to pay I realized I was a little short and started to put a peach back. Without hesitation he told me to go ahead and take it. I can tell you Harris Teeter wouldn't do that. 

I went to talk with Allen and ask him about his career. When I asked why he decided to open his business he responded with a short chuckle. "I always tell this to the people who ask me because it's why I did, but no one has ever written exatly what I say, they always go around it."

He then proceeded to tell me why he started Veggie's, Fruit's, and more. Allen said God was the reason why he started the business. He told him to, "and if I choose to believe that or not is up to me." Although not stated, I believe faith is the reason this incredible man has persevered through the difficult times of the business too. 

Allen's moto is to impact student lives here in Boone. He lives up to this by his attitude at work. Every time I have stepped foot into the produce store (which has been a lot) he has always greeted everyone that walks in, talked with them, and unltimately without fail says "have a blessed and safe day." He says impacting students is "what he lives for."

If you have ever stepped into Veggie's Fruits and more even once, I guarantee you haven't forgotten Allen. And if you haven't been there yet, I suggest you go as soon as possible. Thank you Allen for being the incredibly sincere, loving man that you are! 






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