Lil Wayne Concert Expectations

After months of waiting, the Lil Wayne concert is finally here!

Some thought it was too good to be true, but were still itching with excitement. Whether you have a Lil Wayne obsession or you're just along for the ride, we can all agree that this is the biggest hip-hop sensation that has stepped foot on App State’s campus. The show will be an experience like no other.

Here are a few tips on what you can expect:

The assortment of clothing

Some will decide to wear too much clothing and will be sweating buckets all night, while others will decide to not wear enough. Of course there is no “dress code,” but your eyes will probably see something they will never be able to un-see again.

You will bear the opening acts

You are not there to see Cyhi The Prynce and BAS, but you have to get through the opening acts to see the rap god himself. Yeah, you’re sure they are great rappers too, but the anticipation for Lil Wayne is killing you.

Then it's time for Lil Wayne himself

You and 8,000 of your closet friends will lose your minds when Lil Wayne steps on the stage. Screaming, jumping, maybe a few tears, who exactly knows what will happen in that moment. We just know it is going to be lit.

Lil Wayne sings “A Milli”

One of the most iconic Lil Wayne songs there is, “A Milli.” Whether you know all the words or just have a continuous stream of mumbles, this song will having everyone in the room freaking out.

From this moment on, the audience will scream every lyric to every song

Chances are, your ears will be ringing and your vocal cords will be numb, but it’s Lil Wayne, and it’s so worth it. You may not even hear Lil Wayne yourself because of the screaming person next to you.

Lil Wayne will take off his shirt

Lil Wayne has a history of a shirtless onstage ensemble. Will it happen at his visit to App? I mean, we can only hope.

You then develop a reclaimed love for Lil Wayne

Everyone around you will be screaming his or her love for Lil Wayne and you will realize you love him way more than you thought you did. Lil Wayne may even put you in your feels.

The concert ends and you stand there in disbelief

It will take a second for you to soak in the amazing experience you just had. You will keep replaying the best moments over and over again in your head, knowing you just experienced something like no other.

You will have Lil Wayne songs on repeat days following the concert

Days after the concert, you will still be singing all the words to his songs. And in your head, you will replay over and over again what he did live. Will the obsession ever stop? Who knows.

 For the real expectation…There is a chance Lil Wayne may not show up

Lil Wayne has a history of no-show concerts. The most recent Lil Wayne cancellation happened on March 31st in Minnesota. In years past, Lil Wayne has a track record of cancelling his concerts after fans packed arenas. If he isn’t a no-show, he is fashionably late by a few hours. Will Lil Wayne be no-show for his App State concert? We all hope not.

Now you are ready to experience the rap god himself? Get ready for an experience of a lifetime!