Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas

Thankfully, Spring Break is just a few weeks away.

At this point in the semester, we feel the need to let loose and have some fun with our friends. Spring break is the time of the year you can go wherever you want (preferably somewhere tropically) with your best friends. Typically, Spring Break takes a lot of planning, and money depending on where you are going. But before you have that “oh sh**” moment" because spring break creeped up on you, here are some tools you can use to plan the best last-minute spring break trip:

When looking for a place to stay, look no further than places provided by Airbnb.

Airbnb is a hospitality network allowing people to rent homes, apartments, or condos for however long they want. Airbnb properties are everywhere and the cost is typically pretty low. When looking into Airbnb, make sure there is not a age requirement on the property you are booking. It is also best to message the owner before you arrive and understand the details of the property. Another popular website for booking a place to stay is Vrbo is essentially the same thing as Airbnb, but is said to have nicer (and more expensive) properties.

When it comes to handling money for Spring Break, look into getting a money transfer app such as Venmo. This way, if someone pays for something on the trip, you can easily pay them back through the app. Not worrying about money or who pays who can take a lot of the stress out of Spring Break planning.

If you are worried that you waited too long to get the best deals on a Spring Break trip, look into getting a package deal that can be spilt between multiple people. Some resorts and hotels offer package deals with hotels and flights included. Spliting among a group can be cheaper than you booking each separate. If you are the ultimate procrastinator when it comes to Spring Break, take your chances and book the night before. Hotels sometimes put listing online for a dirt-cheap price the night before just to make the sale.

If you are looking for a shorter get-a-way, there are so many warmer destinations close to home. Consider going the coastal-route with a road trip. You and your friends can pile up in the car and hit the beaches down the North Carolina/South Carolina coast. You can drive a little further South and end up in a southern charmer like Charleston, SC, or Savannah, GA. Exploring new places close to home can be an adventure too because only a short drive will keep you from going back again, and again, and again.

If you are stuck at home for Spring Break (probably because you just waited too long to plan anything), invite your friends to explore your hometown. Sure, laying on the couch all day watching an endless stream on Netflix may not be what you have in mind, but you can switch it up a bit and invite your college friends/roommates to explore what your hometown has to offer. Want to make it a week-long trip? Take turns visiting each others hometowns during the week and become the ultimate hometown tourist.

Don’t think it is too late to have the best Spring Break ever. Sometimes it’s not so much about where you are, but rather who you are with. You can count on having the best Spring Break with your best friends by your side and a care-free attitude.