It's Ok To Love Valentines Day

I have an unpopular opinion. I absolutely love Valentines Day. I love the tacky movies and flowers and just a day dedicated to love. 

You're probably thinking oh she has to be in a relationship then? You would be correct. I'm actually getting married to the cutest man in just a few months. But I've been the single girl, the girl who's S.O. wasn't around all the types of things that make people hate Valentines Day... I still love it. 

I have loved it ever since I was a small child! Literally everything about it. Valentines Day in elementary school was almost as exciting and magical as the Book fair. (Don't even fight me on it) It was all of your friends giving candy and baked goods and movies it was the best. Especially when that cute little boy gave you a piece of candy and your best friend wrote you a personalized valentine. 

I hear you that your SO shouldn't just treat you right on Valentines Day and you are absolutely correct. They should treat you right 24/7 365. It's still ok to take time to celebrate your love for each other (even more than normal) on February 14th too. There's also a lot of people that say Valentines Day is a ridiculous ploy to get us to spend money on things we don't need to have fake romance. I can agree that the box of chocolates kind of sucks but it's because I don't like most of them.   But we celebrate all kinds of things like National Pancake day or even Halloween.  What's more consumer based than Pancake Day and Halloween?  So why is it so wrong to celebrate love? If I want to buy tacky cards and candy mind your business. I'm going to spend the money anyway so just let it go. 

What about the people that post "Some of us are single so please be considerate this Valentines Day." Um no. How about not? I am grateful for the love I am shown every single day and if I want to be sappy and cliche about it today you can bet I'm going to be. You're singledom doesn't mean I shouldn't celebrate the love in my life. Just like me being in a relationship shouldn't keep you from celebrating your singledom.  Why has it suddenly become taboo to like Valentines Day? 

If you want to throw valentines and pink hearts around like confetti you do it. If you don't like it and you want to sit in your anger then sit in it boo. But just because you don't believe in it doesn't mean you should shit on people that like it. Don't you hate when people do that to you? So can't we all agree to let people enjoy the things they want to? If you want to be sappy then you go honey you do it. Show your bae what they mean to you! Watch all of the sappy movies and listen to all of the sappy songs. If you hate it then just pretend it's Wednesday and let people enjoy things. You can celebrate your love of other things like pizza or dogs or your friends. It doesn't have to be gloom and doom because you're single.

Okay rant over. Peace and blessings!


Happy Valentines Day loves. Enjoy this cute GIF!

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