It Finally Happened: The Standard's First Lawsuit

Of course you've noticed that The Standard took A LOT longer than expected to be completed. Most of us have noticed it in passing on our daily drive around town. Now after most renters have moved in, two students are so fed up with The Standard that they are filing a lawsuit against them.

Jeremy and Kelsey Khan, two supposed-to-be tenants of the apartment complex, filed a lawsuit in January against The Standard, and Landmark Properties. The Khans say they are filing the suit because The Standard broke their end of the leasing contract in multiple ways, including “negligent misrepresentation”, “unfair and deceptive trade”, and “fraud.”

The Khans say that The Standard is guilty of these things because they told the tenants when they signed their lease that the apartments would be move-in ready by August 13, 2016. They continued to tell them this until July 19, which was way too late to find new housing arrangements for the year. However, this didn’t happen just once. The same thing happened on September 15 and October 14, the next two estimated dates of completion for The Standard. The dates came and went with no word of when The Standard might actually be complete. Amongst all this, some tenants still had to pay their rent until they were able to get out of the lease on October 6.

The Standard did provide some housing arrangements for tenants. However, part of the Kahn’s lawsuit complains of “unreasonable accommodations” because they had to move to The Courtyard from Marriott in Boone. They say that there was no help moving, no kitchen or appliances, laundry area, study space, or even separate rooms for tenants, all of which they had been promised at The Standard.

The majority of tenants have moved into the building, but most of the promised amenities are not complete yet. The pool, gym, and bridge to Faculty Street are not done, yet renters are still paying the original rent cost. Occupants also have to pay to park in the building's small parking garage. Another complaint is that the hot water is spotty, the lights in the parking garage go in and out, the fire alarms have been going off, and other technical issues. Renters are complaining about the high rent of the "luxury" complex and all the issues they're facing.

A lot of Boone locals have been against the apartment complex since the beginning and are now saying "I told you so." Locals have been saying that it's an eyesore and blocks the view of the mountains and are displeased with the size of the building.

The Khans are suing for $10,000, plus damages, and are being represented by Hite Law. Currently, this is the only suit filed, but as The Standard is still receiving complaints upon move-in, more lawsuits may be soon to come.

It looks like The Standard isn't the living up to the standard for Boone apartments.



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