How To Throw A Great Super Bowl Party

In a little over a week, the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will face each other in Super bowl LII. As we all know, the question of, “who exactly is the best football team in the NFL?” might be a little too hard to get a unified answer for. But what isn’t all that hard to agree upon, is the fact that Super Bowl parties can be really fun. So, how can you throw a Super Bowl party that is really fun? Here are my top 3 tips and tricks.

The first tip in having a SUPER Super Bowl party is one that is essential to all parties. Good food is a must have. The trick to this, since predicting the number of people coming can sometimes be a little tough, is to have a lot of appetizer like foods. Chips, nachos, dip, fries, tater tots, and pretzels. Good food equal happy friends and happy friends equals a good time.

The second tip have in order to throw a great Super Bowl party is have a good TV. No matter how close you are with your guests, and no matter how long you haven’t spoken to each other, your guests are there for one thing, and one thing only. To watch the game. With having a good TV also comes the responsibility of having enough seating and a good connection. I can just imagine how mad everyone would be with you if the game is tied 21 to 21, with one minute left, Patriots have the ball, and Tom Brady throws to football to the end zone…. and then you're TV stops working…


The third tip is to assign a dress code. For some reason having themed parties just makes everything more fun, so why not apply that same concept to Super Bowl parties? Having everyone show up in their favorite teams jersey not only allows guests to represent their favorite team, but makes for really good photos as well.

If you follow these tips and tricks, no matter if you're team wins or not, then its almost guaranteed your Super Bowl Party will be so good that it would even score a touch down.