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How to Survive Valentine’s Day as a Single Lady

Although us single ladies have our own anthem thanks to Queen B, Valentine’s day can still be pretty rough. From the obnoxiously cute couple on campus to the Hallmark commercials every 5 seconds, it can be tempting to swear off the holiday all together. But this year, don’t let it get you down! So what, you don’t have a date, neither do millions of other people! Valentine’s Day isn’t limited to just people in a relationship, it includes all types of love! This year, celebrate them all!

Friendship- As collegiettes, some of the most influential and important people in our lives are our friends. Whether it is going to party with them, or having them drag you to a boring lecture, there is no doubt that your college experience would be incomplete without them. Take a moment to tell them how much they mean to you! Maybe a cute valentine or just a sweet text!


Family- Your family were the first ones to love you, and they never stop! Take a moment to give your mom or dad a call and tell them you love them, it will mean so much to them! And after all, who gave you your first Valentine’s Day present?

Self- Write yourself a love letter. Weird right? But let me tell you, sometimes when you are feeling down you need to take a minute to appreciate yourself. Write down your strengths and quirks and talk about your dreams and ideas, you will soon realize how special you are!

And last but not least… Chocolate! Now that you have shown some appreciation for the people in your life, dive in to your one true love, Chocolate! And remember all the candy goes on sale on the 15th!

So whatever you decide to do this year, from sobbing at the Notebook or hosting a scary movie marathon, try to focus on the love you do have in your life, rather than what you might be lacking. Don’t sulk around this year, but be grateful for all the love and relationships in your life, and Valentine’s Day will be a lot easier to bear!

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