How To Survive The Last Month Of School

It’s the final stretch, only a month left until graduation and the end of the school year. With the workload increasing and motivation quickly going downhill, the next four weeks can be dreadful as you anxiously await the freedom.

I’ve always struggled to find motivation to study and do school work at the end of the school year. But, with it being senior year and graduation is approaching, I feel my lack of interest to be even higher. I find myself searching for apartments in my new home city, shopping for business clothes, and researching my new position instead of paying attention in class.

Here are some helpful tips to help you stay motivated and on top of your work these next few weeks:

1. Set aside time every day to relax and research your new city, job, or whatever you do when you are distracting yourself or procrastinating. This will allow you to still do those things, yet stay focused when you need to.

Personally, I am really struggling with paying attention in class because my job has absolutely nothing to do with my major. So, my thought process is why do I need to even pay attention? Wrong. I really need to pay attention, so I can make sure I make good grades and pass. So, I’ve started just listening in class, instead of focusing so much on writing everything down and trying to get so much information down. I leave my computer and phone in my bag and only have a notebook out. I listen to what the professor says and write down only the important material that I know isn't on power point slides that I can later look at. It really helps keep me interested and away from distractions. It also helps really understand the material better.

2. Stay on top of work. Try doing just a little work everyday instead of cramming. If you get an assignment on a Monday that’s due on Friday, work on it a little bit everyday instead of cramming to get it done the day of right before it’s due. This will relieve a lot of stress.

3. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You should be working hard and not slacking but, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You aren’t perfect and you won’t make perfect grades.

Enjoy your final time here. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself. This is the last four weeks you have for the year or of college and it’s time to enjoy it. So, go out on that Tuesday night for the heck of it, go on a hike you’ve wanted to take, or visit with friends that are dear to you.

You’re almost there! Try and stay motivated with these helpful tips and before you know it you’ll be on your way to the real world and summer weather!