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How to Prepare for Summer Internships Right Now

During the fall semester, most students are busy with football games, homework, and once the weather gets chilly, staying warm. However, fall is also the perfect time to begin looking into internships for the summer.

Even though most schools don’t host internship fairs until January, looking into internships now can save you a lot of trouble as the summer nears.

Some internships may also have early deadlines, so it’s always good to know a few months in advance rather than miss the opportunity because you missed the deadline.

Internship fairs will most likely have at least 20 different companies represented, while bigger schools can feature hundreds. Therefore, researching these companies before you meet them will give you a better chance to speak with representatives of a company you’re interested in interning for.

Also, fall is a great time to update your resume. The first semester of each school year is an opportunity to join new clubs, or be promoted within clubs you were in prior years. By keeping your resume up-to-date, applying for internships will be much less stressful when you’re not dealing with the hassle of scrambling at the last minute.

Having your resume available during the fall also gives you a chance to set up a meeting with your university’s Career Development Center. There, you can get advice on how to spice up your resume and make you a better candidate for an internship.

Even though summer internships seem very far away, early preparation can help with alleviate stress during the application process.

I'm a junior journalism major from Fayetteville, North Carolina and I attend Appalachian State University. I'm the News Editor for The Appalachian and a writer for Her Campus - Appalachian State.
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