How To Make It Through The Mid-Semester Meltdown

It’s the middle of the semester and it seems like every other day you’ve got an exam to take and two papers due on a Wednesday. Collegiettes, you should know by now how important it is to keep yourself in tip top shape, mentally and physically. Don’t let the mid semester blues hit you in the rear! Here’s some ways to stay on top of your game and keep the stress bug at bay.

1. Write everything down. Make yourself a To Do List of all the things you need to accomplish that week. See what is going to take you the longest to do, then prioritize by due date. Seeing everything written down in black and white (or if you’re like me, it’s color-coded) makes things a bit less scary and you can better plan out your time in the library.

2. Give yourself a reward. If you need a little incentive to finish your work, set a treat for yourself. Whether it be renting a movie and getting take-out with a friend, a milkshake or doughnut in the morning, a little time to read a book you’ve been wanting to, or heading out with your friends for some drinks… the more you want something the more inclined you’ll be to get your To Do List done.

3. Get a workout in. This is my personal favorite thing to do when I’m feeling overwhelmed. If I go to a yoga or Pilates class for an hour I feel so much better and have a clear mind so I can concentrate better on my work. There’s plenty of *free* opportunities through App State’s group fitness for classes from yoga and Pilates, to cardio dance, and kick boxing.  Get those endorphins released!

4. Take a drive on the Parkway. Appalachian State University sits on one of the most beautiful creations, the Blue Ridge Parkway. Grab a cup of coffee or hot apple cider and take a drive along the Parkway. There are not many things quite as soothing as a mountain view. Or you could just grab a blanket and chill on Sanford Mall for a little while.

5.Visit the Humane Society. Some puppy time is a great way to distract yourself from all the school stress you’re under. Take an hour or so out of your day to visit the Watauga Humane Society and get some puppy or kitty kisses, and you will leave with a warm heart. Time with animals is good for the soul, even if you leave wanting to adopt all of them!

6. Bubble Baths. Putting on some relaxing tunes, lighting a few candles and soaking in the tub is a great way to de-stress. Grab a book or magazine to read, just be sure you don’t doze off and drop it in the suds!

7. Get Your Creative Juices Flowing. Find a band you’ve never heard before; paint something you’ve been wanting to; write in your journal; or dance in your bedroom with the music blaring. Getting your mind off real work and doing something else can really help you when it comes time to sit down and crank out that paper.

Taking the time to do things that you want to do is an important thing, and when it comes to be crunch time for school we tend to forget about that. Set aside time every day for things that relax you and make you happy and you’ll be more content with your day, and much less stressed. Don’t let being over stressed get the best of you this semester!  If all else fails, call up your mom, grandma, or any family member you can reach; nothing helps us feel better quite like some encouragement from family.