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How to Land an Internship

Summer internship deadlines are approaching! Finding an internship can be extremely competitive and some students just don’t know where to start. Here are some tips to find and get a great internship!

  • Do your research. Don’t just look at the company website for a few minutes. Really get to know the company and the business they are in. If you want to intern at an advertising agency, look for that agency in the news. Find out its top competitors, the challenges the company is facing, and what its goals are.
  • Use your resources and ask for help. Talk to your adviser and your professors. Go to the career center. They are there to help you. Chat with family and friends. Find out if anyone has connections that can help you out. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Networking is everything.
  • Find a company you could see yourself working for. Think about what your dream job is and what companies you’d love to work for. Make those your goals. Even if there isn’t an internship advertised, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance at working there. Contact them anyway and make them want you as an intern.
  • Apply early. Showing an early interest might help you out. Applying the day before the deadline might not look so great, and they may have already found someone for the position. Plus, many internships require letters of recommendation and you have to give people enough time to write them.
  • Have a memorable resume and an incredible cover letter. These are key. If your resume has a unique design and some great experience, you will have the employer’s attention. The resume and cover letter are the most important aspect of getting an internship. They can either land you the internship, or get your application thrown in the trash. Go to the counseling center to get started or get help with these. Then ask your adviser or a trusted professor for help tailoring your resume to your field and specific companies.
  • Be prepared for the interview. Doing your research at the begging will be a huge help in the interview. Many employers will ask you questions to see how well you know the company. You should also be prepared to explain your skills and experience and how they would apply to each position. Sell yourself to the employee. And make sure you show your passion for the job.
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