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How Donald Trump is Screwing with the Republican Party

For most people, Trump’s campaign seems like just a joke to the political elections and serves more as entertainment than anything else. I’m sure after his offensive comments towards the Hispanic minority, John McCain and others, most American’s were thinking, “Is this guy actually serious?”

The answer is yes, yes, absolutely yes.

Bad Publicity is Publicity and Publicity is Good

Who would’ve thought that if you offend half the nation your numbers in the polls will actually rise? His publicist sure did. Because of his attention in the media – negative or not – he’s actually outshined any of his other competitors in the republican party ten-fold. According to a study done by the Pew Research Center, Trump is at the forefront of the Republican Party candidates with a strong 25 percent approval rating in comparison to Ben Carson who’s runner up with 16 percent and even further behind is Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio at 8 percent. 

Turns out having Trump as the Republican nominee for the presidency isn’t as far out as we thought… For now.  

For all Republicans out there who aren’t in support of the Donald, be afraid, be very afraid. Although he signed the pledge to stick with the Republican party no matter who the Republican nominee ends up being, many are afraid he’ll tear up the pledge, and run on an independent ticket. If this happens, not only will he lose the presidency, but he’ll destroy the chance for the other Republican candidate by splitting the Republican vote and leaving the majority to the Democratic candidate. 

Luckily, his polls have been on the decline since early September. In states like Iowa and New Hampshire, Trump’s ratings have gone down five to seven points in the last month (msnbc.com). 

A lot can change with six months left until the beginning of the primaries and who’s to say Trump’s numbers will hold. 

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