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Hey, it’s OK: HC App State Senior Edition


Love the “Hey, it’s OK!” feature in Glamour magazine? Here’s the App State senior version for all you graduating Collegiettes!


– to be the only senior in your MATH 1010 (or any other Gen Ed class) and always walk out feeling 10x better about your life

– to try and revive your motivation that fell victim to senioritis…your junior year

– to start feeling nostalgic about your time here in Boone (Remember getting completely lost walking around Belk and/or Rankin for the first time? How about the angry preacher that’s always on Sanford Mall *sniffle*)

– to tear up listening to Asher Roth’s “I Love College”

– to justify that second/third/fourth glass of whatever by thinking “THIS IS WHAT COLLEGE IS FOR”

– to be counting down the days until May 10… Not because it’s the end of exams, but because nothing will stop you from seeing Leo’s fine self in The Great Gatsby

– to still plan on using your school ID card for as looooong as you can pull it off

– to aim for the 2.0 GPA that is the only requirement for graduation. As the age-old adage goes: C’s get degrees!

– to avoid the library like the plague during exam week. We all know it’s an angry glance short of a brawl when searching for a free computer/table/seat/ANYTHING

– to keep telling yourself an employer is going to get back to you any day now 

– to not have your life post-graduation figured out. Despite what your parents may say, there’s no rush to grow up (à la Amanda Bynes?)

– to use reading HC App State as justifying your procrastination on studying for finals

– to remember that not many, if any, other graduating classes will get the full experience of walking across that stage to shake hands with Chancellor Ken Peacock

– to keep telling yourself you’re ready to get out of here, but deep down know you’re going to miss this glorious mountain town 


(And one just for me)

– to get sentimental thinking this is going to be your last HC App State article…


Congrats class of 2013! We did it! 

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