Here's What You've Missed on Riverdale

If you haven't been watching Riverdale since the show came back on in January, what are you doing with your life?? Lucky for you, I have been and I am here to catch you up before tonight's episode. 

*Spoilers ahead!!!!*

So back in December, the show left us hanging when Archie and Betty finally caught the Black Hood. Or did they?

The show has been eluding to the fact that they may not have caught the right guy. The school janitor had a sticky past that made him seem like the perfect suspect, but we know that in Riverdale, things aren't ever as they seem.

With Polly gone on a farm, Betty decides to search for the son her parents had in high school and put up for adoption. She ends up finding him, but it wasn't the homecoming they had hoped for. It turns out, Chick was never adopted and he grew up in the foster system. When he was 18, he moved out and began his life alone. He is into this weird webcamming thing, and I don't think anyone really even knows what that is, but Betty gets into it herself to feed her dark side. She kind of bonds with Chick over her constant need to be perfect, while also battling with a dark side that likes to come out. 

It gets even creepier when a supposed drug dealer shows up at the Cooper house in a violent rage. The scene cuts to something else, and when it finally comes back to the house, Betty finds her mother cleaning up blood and trying to dispose of the guy's body. The sight eats at her until she finally decides to confide in Jughead, who enlists his dad's help to make it "go away."

Archie gets approached by the FBI to spy on Hiram Lodge, so he ends up as Hiram's intern. As it turns out, Hiram and Hermione hired the guy to pretend to be an agent to be sure that they could trust Archie while plotting some shady deal for the South Side. 

Jughead is having a hard time dealing with all the changes and threats coming to the South Side, and deals with some shady business Tall Boy was doing with the Lodge's. This ends up saving the Serpents from an unhappy fate.

Oh, and did I mention that Hal is having an affair with Penelope Blossom who is also a modern day prostitute? Like, what?

So, we are left with a lot of questions. Who is Chick and why is he so strangely obsessed with Betty? What is this project the Lodge's are working on? What is in store for the South Side Serpents? 

There's only one way to find out! Tune into the CW tonight at 8pm!