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The Girl with the PANORAMIC View: Meet Kendall McGee

Determined, friendly and smart, this week’s Campus Celeb is the ideal Appalachian State student. Kendall McGee is a senior and when she is not spending all her time in Walker Hall as a double major in journalism and communication studies, you can find her leading two student organizations.

Kendall is one of two Her Campus Campus Correspondents and editor in chiefs, as well as the App Speaks President. Kendall is also on the planning committee for Panorama, an event in the spring, where students have the opportunity to give their own TED Talks.

Kendall feels it is important for students to share things they are truly passionate about. Whether it is a thesis you have been working your entire senior year on, or your own unique perspective on the world, Kendall wants students to have the chance to have a voice.

“You need to give back to the community you live in,” said Kendall. Kendall is fortunate enough to call Boone her second home.

 For her, Boone and Appalachian State have always been a family affair. Both of her parents attended Appalachian State and now her little sister, Karsen, who is freshman, does as well. Growing up, she spent many summers here in the mountains playing in the creek, riding horses, and tubing down the river. She also has family who have worked and lived in the high country for decades.

After Kendall graduates in May, her plan is to move back to Charlotte, where she has spent most of her life.

Throughout Kendall’s four years here at App State, she has had some pretty amazing experiences. When asked what her some of her most memorable experiences were, without hesitation, Kendall answered with her summer internships at Time Warner Cable News in Charlotte.

“The most important thing I learned was that this was where I needed to be, and this is what I enjoy doing,” said Kendall. At her internship this past summer, she had the chance to shadow reporters, put together stories, and learn how to produce a television broadcast. Kendall says that some of her favorite days at TWC News were following the Kerrick Trail and practicing live shots.

How does Kendall do it, you may ask? Through her strong support system. Kendall thanks her core group of friends she has made at App for all the support and encouragement. Kendall also said her boyfriend Chris, who she has been dating since high school, is always there for her, no matter what.

Now you may think you know everything there is to know about this week’s campus celeb, but there is one last thing about Kendall to remember.

“I have this theory that popcorn and red wine can help solve any problem,” said Kendall. Sound familiar? Her current favorite show to watch is Scandal! 

Inspried journalist who loves to tell stories. Orginally from Charlotte, North Carolina.
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