Get Your Room To Smell Nice

Ok. Its the glorious season where if it's not raining or snowing, it's freezing (layer up, baby, layer up). And I for one, am not a fan of the almost soured smell of stagnant water. That is why I have a half a dozen different ways to keep my room from stinking, if not smelling like a bouquet of flowers.Image result for snow funny gifDryer sheets are your friend. My dad would heavily argue this, but they are. Cut those sheets up into little pages and put them in drawers, on shelves, under pillows. And the end all be all, put it on your box fan. The fresh smell is more powerful if it's a full sheet, but it'll still work in a small square. And then your room will smell slightly like a laundry room, but I love that smell, so I personally don't mind.Image result for lilo and stitch laundry funny gifNext up, peppermint. I have fallen in love with peppermint oil on cotton balls. The smell can get to be strong if there isn't air movement in your room, but I put the peppermint infused cotton balls in my clothing drawers, and in my food box (I live in a dorm, do not judge). The wonderful benefits of peppermint are that it can help perk you up naturally and bugs despise the smell.Image result for peppermint funny gif

My last little trick is to use a Warmer. It's like a flameless candle that you put scented wax in. My current wax block is warm vanilla. Basically, my room smells like a warm bakery, which is amazing. It's not the cheapest way to make your room to smell nice, but it's one of the stronger methods.Image result for scentsy warmersPlease keep all of these in mind once the snow hits, or if winter consists of just nonstop rain. Keep your room smelling nice and warm. Now go forth and smell amazing.Related image