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Furry Four-legged Companions: Meet the Dogs of Boone

As you go about your daily routine in the Boone area, it is almost impossible not to notice some of Boone’s four-legged residents. Whether you’re a dog person or cat person, it is clear that dogs play a huge part in the Boone Community.

When walking down King Street, I encountered this cute pit bull mixed pup named Crixius.

Dog dad Douglas Calvert talked about the role Crixus plays in his life. “Crixus is truly a man’s best friend,” he said. “He does everything with me from watching TV to going for runs down King Street. He loves to cuddle and jump into my arms after a long day of work.” When I inquired about where Crixus’s unique name came from, Douglas said “It from the TV show Spartacus which we love to watch together.”

This duo definitely adds a new spin to the definition of a “bromance.”

At the Village of Meadowview apartment complex, lives another canine friend, Ollie. He is a huskie-lab mix rescue from the Humane Society that is full of energy.

Pet owner Katie Sluder said, “He is literally to happiest creature on Earth.” Something unique about Ollie is his choice in healthy snacks. “He loves to eat pet friendly veggies and fruits,” Katie said.

Something else I learned about Ollie is his love for the outdoors. He loves his daily walks around the Meadowview complex and if he can’t be outside due to bad weather, he enjoys looking out the window.

Meet Gatsby, the wired hair labradoodle!

This quirky puppy can often be found in the Mountaineer Village dog park or walking on the Greenway! When he is not burning off some of his relentless energy walking or playing in the dog park, he loves to catch and play fetch. Ice cubes are his favorite treat. He is such a friendly animal and loves when he gets visitors. His favorite spot is sitting on top of the couch and demanding attention from his humans while they are trying to do homework. This precious pup’s name is Pippa. She is a basset hound and huskie mix and another rescue from the Humane Society.

According to fellow Her Campus member and dog mom Paxton Shaw, “Pippa is full of personality. Her favorite activities include playing with her excessive amount of toys, and watching The Today Show.” Pictured below is Paxton and Pippa with her certificate from recently graduating puppy kindergarten! Pippa also knows cool tricks. She can shake and give kisses.

Some of the best of Boone’s fur legged friends have yet to find there two legged companion.

Meet Ripley! He is a labrador mix waiting to find his fur-ever home at the Watauga Humane Society.

According to Humane Society volunteer Clare McPherson, “Ripley’s favorite activities include cuddling, romping in water, and playing with other dogs.” If you are still looking for doggy soul mate, Ripley is waiting on you!

Her Campus App State loves dogs of Boone! Have a cute furbaby you want to show off? Send us pictures of them at app-state@hercampus.com

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