Feminism Isn't A Dirty Word

Okay ladies lets have a chat about the word feminism.

Feminism isn’t a dirty word. Being a feminist doesn’t mean that you hate men. It doesn’t mean you stop shaving your legs and wearing makeup.  It doesn’t mean you’re against all things in gender norms or that you think women should be over men.  Feminism is whatever you need it to be.

Merriam Webster defines feminism as “the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes”

 We need feminism. We need feminist. We need men who are for feminism and equality of the sexes and women who are for equality.

We need feminism.


Because “throwing like a girl” is still an insult. Because men still think it’s okay to go around the woman that’s in charge just because they’d rather “work with a man”.  I need feminism because I want my daughters to grow up in a world that’s different than the one I grew up in. I want to make sure that they never question if they should speak up in a room full of men. I never want them to feel like they’re place is in the home just because that’s what they’ve heard. If that’s what you want you should be able to do it but if it’s not than you should have no problem doing something else. Because female athletes aren't even considered actual athletes. 

As a society we have come so far but it was only in 1920 that women gained the right to vote but we still have never seen a female president. I  want my daughter to know that she has just as many opportunities as my son. She is not defined by being a female. 

I have a lot of friends that get offended if they're called a feminist. "I am NOT that!"  I honestly used to be one of them. I couldn't understand the logic of the mega feminist that believed all men were sexist pigs who deserved nothing but punishment... I still can't. I love the men in my life. They've never done anything but support me.  But I think in their brains when they hear that word they're seeing the women who scream about the patriarchy and how women should rule the world. (Which isn't feminism by the way) They aren't seeing their granddaughter, sister, girlfriend, that has been told "that's a man's job." or "Make me a sandwich." or "wouldn't you be more comfortable doing something else with your life?" Or my favorite, been referred to as an object put on Earth for nothing more than a man's pleasure rather than a living breathing human.   Whether or not you realize it as a female you have faced sexism in your life in one form or another. That is too much. Feminism isn't a dirty word. Being a feminist doesn’t mean that you hate men, it doesn’t mean you stop shaving your legs and wearing makeup.  It doesn’t mean you’re against all things gender norm or that you think women should be over men.  Feminism is whatever you need it to be.

I need it to be equality. I need it to be the men in my life shutting down their friends for saying sexist things or objectifying women. I need people who support female's in fields like engineering, business, and Law. I need it to be where it's not out of place for a female to be in charge of a particular organization just because it's been ran by men in the past. I need it to not be strange to be partnered with your husband rather than one being in charge. I need feminism for my future children. 

I still wear my 6 inch pumps, acrylic nails, and frilly dresses every chance I get. I surround myself in more pink than Elle Woods. I am marrying the most beautiful soul of a man that I have ever encountered. My father never made me feel like I was less able to do anything because I was a girl. I enjoy college football more than most people I know and my favorite movie is Legally Blonde. My go to drink at Starbucks is a peppermint white chocolate mocha and I'm happiest in the gym. Nothing makes my blood boil more than someone acting like I can't or don't know how to do something because I am a girl. 

I'm a feminist.

It's whatever you need it to be. If you want to be a stay at home mom or a CEO you should be able to do both without your sex being a factor.  

Feminism isn't a dirty word. 

 "You are valuable & powerful & deserving of every chance in the world" Make those chances. Do big things.