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The Evolution of Facebook From Awkward to Wild to Professional

The age 13 marks the beginning of one’s teenage years, and usually it marks the beginning to an ever growing social media addiction. For our generation, Facebook has been the staple of all social media as we grew up. Now, as we’ve transitioned into our college years, or for many, from college years into the business world, our Facebooks usually don’t get the transformation it needs during these times.

Business appropriate:

With the new age of technology, more often do we see businesses checking up on Facebook before they invite someone to an interview. They want to make sure you’re legit both in and out of the business world! This being said, we all have to monitor what we put on Facebook and just social media in general. It’s probably not wise to post photos of yourself passed out on the beach from Spring Break 2k12. Employers want to know you’re responsible and would be a good image for their company!

Facebook friends:

As we transition to new chapters in our lives, we gain and lose friends all the time. With that, if you’re beginning to not recognize people on your Facebook news feed, then it’s probably time to filter through some of your friends! Don’t feel bad for unfriending some people either, they most likely didn’t even know you were still on their FB! If you don’t want to delete people, but still don’t want to see their annoying political posts, or never ending pictures of their new baby, just hide them from your news feed!

Transitioning your Facebook from your ‘ugly stages’:

Since most of us started Facebook at a young age, there’s probably some lingering photos from your brace face years, or from the times when you thought wearing every neon color of the rainbow was fashionable in one outfit. We ALL Facebook creep. Meaning that cute boy you met at the coffee shop will have his own rendition of what it’d be like for your mom to show him every embarrassing photo taken of you EVER just by looking at your Facebook. Let that thought sink in a little…

Facebook is an awesome tool if you use it the right way! Keep up with old friends, and stay in touch with new ones. Just don’t forget that you have more people looking at your Facebook than just you and your close friends, be conscious about what you post! 


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