Every Time Ron Swanson Described Our Feelings About Midterms

Congratulations everyone! We've made it to that time of year again.

The dreaded midterms. 

How can any of us really enjoy spring break when we've got 3 exams, 3 papers, and a group project all due the following week? It's honestly just unfair to expect that much from people who are essentially just oversized children (incessant snacking, multiple daytime naps, periodic crying). Because of this, many of us (myself included) turn into grumpy, unsocial creatures for the two weeks prior to spring break who never leave the library and don't speak to anyone until maybe 3 pm. My favorite Parks and Rec character, Ron Swanson, is a perfect example of someone who is like this all the time, which I truly respect. Here's all the times he summed up our feelings about this time of the semester. 

1. When you were just getting comfortable in the routine of a new semester and all of a sudden it's time to start thinking of midterms

2. When your professor insists on making everything they say in class as confusing as humanly possible 

3. When you have to tell your inner self to get it together and you can cry after you graduate 

4. When your friends are suffering just as much as you and try to come to you for help

5. When you just need a break and breakfast food is the only way to heal your broken soul

6. When you finally get a night out and all anyone wants to talk about is how much studying they have left to do

7. If this isn't how you feel about group project members then you're lying.

8. When everyone wants you to calm down mid-freakout over all your upcoming deadlines

9. When you're just being dramatic and say this 100+ times a day (I'm prob the most guilty of this one)

10. When you have to write papers on things that you disagree with and make no sense to you

11. When you were excited about a take-home exam, but then find out its MADE ENTIRELY OF ESSAY QUESTIONS


12. When your deadlines are steadily creeping up on you but you refuse to acknowledge them

13. When you were too busy studying for another class during your current class, and at the end the professor mentions something about an assignment due tomorrow

14. When college reality hits you and just gotta take some time to let it sink in


15. When you finally get to leave for break and you happily dance away from all your responsibilities 

16. And then you get back and realize you have made a huge mistake but it was probably worth it because you'll actually end up getting everything done and doing just fine on your exams like you always do.