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There are a thousand costumes that can be found on Pinterest, but, they aren’t geared for the ladies with a bit more fluff on them, which is the category that I fall into. I fully understand that there are girls that can wear the bodycon dresses with a pair of wings and look amazing. I am just not one of them. So, I am here to give a way to make some costumes for the ladies that don’t exactly want a bodycon dress or to spend $50 on a costume from a store.

Abby Sciuto

Not the most popular character that I have seen for Halloween, but this is the costume that I will be rocking come October 31st. This costume is fairly easy. The main ingredients are a lab coat, black outfit, black boots, pigtails, and optionally a CafPow cup. The lab coat I got from my mom and put iron-on letters for NCIS. The black outfit was already in my closet because that is the main color that is sold in plus size stores that I go to. The black boots are a pair of winter boots, because I go to Appalachian State, and it’s supposed to snow at least once before the month is out. I am opting out of the CafPow cup, simply because I don’t want to carry it around from class to class (yes, I will be dressed up for the day). Any other goth stuff would work really well. Fingerless gloves, chokers, black nails. She is the world’s happiest goth.Clara

So I am a sucker for ballets. I grew up going to see the Nutcracker ballet, and Clara is a simple enough costume. She wears a white nightgown for the most part. Replace nightgown with a dress. Not a bodycon one, a flowing one that you can easily do a few twirls in. A blue bow in a half up hairstyle. And you must pull out the Christmas decorations for this, a nutcracker. Please recognize how much it pains me to say that. But this costume is for the Christmas lovers. Bless y’all.Arthur

Groan now. We all saw the meme pop at least once over the past few months. And the good thing is, most of the items needed for this costume might even be in your closet. A white button up. The thing is, I don’t like layering bulky stuff. This is where some slightly intensive DIYing might come into play. Creating a peter pan collar necklace. Just cut the collar off of a white button-up shirt that you don’t wear, or thrifted. After that, it’s the simple act of putting it on with a yellow sweater, jeans, red shoes, and glasses. If you feel like being really extra then you can make aardvark ears with a headband, hot glue, and brown felt. It’s up to you. “Everyday when you’re walking down the street…”Poison Ivy

No, not the plant. The villain from the DC comic book universe. She can have her moment of being a simple costume. A green outfit, be it pants or a dress, but it has got to be green. Green makeup too, if you can. And then come the fake plants. Make a crown of fake ivy, have it drape down your dress, do whatever you want with it, just have it. And that’s it. Seriously.Spinelli

My childhood! Spinelli is yet another closet costume. Seriously, the only thing that I would need to buy would be the orange beanie. But she wears an orange beanie, red dress, black leather jacket, orange and red socks, and black boots. That’s it. And it is a true ode to the late 90s and early 2000s kids. And the dress can be large, this is a child character that would not be caught dead in a tight dress, it would restrict her dodgeball skills.I hope that I was able to give some form of inspiration for all my big ladies Halloween costumes. Happy Halloween y’all.

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