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With Valentines Day around the corner, and little time to find (and budget for) gifts, we all can get a little stressed out. DIY gifts are the best because they’re usually inexpensive and fun to do! My favorite DIY gift of all time is a little wonderful thing called arm knitting a scarf, they’re cute, functional, and you can wear them whenever! Plus, they’re especially perfect for the winter months. All you need is two chunky rolls of yarn in whatever colors you’d like (don’t be afraid to mix and match) and your arms! It takes about 30 minutes and they turn out so cute!

Video tutorials are the best because you can replay the video how ever many times you need until you get it figured out; if you don’t like the one I attached just type in ‘arm knitting tutorials’ into Google and a million hits will come up! Also the blog Simply Maggie at simplymaggie.com has tons of great tutorials for arm knitting and they also add tons of tricks to mix up the style! 


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