Dealing with Disappointment

Picture this with me: you’re a senior at university, applying for post-grad opportunities left and right and your last year in college is flashing by. You get an email. You open it. “We thank you for your application, but it has been denied.”


We’ve all been there before right? Even if you’re not graduating yet, I’m sure you’ve felt the same kind of disappointment I have. You put in the hours making your resume perfect, in getting the best job experience, in asking for references, but still, somehow it wasn’t enough. So, what now?


Well, I only have a couple of things to say about it, really. First, it's okay to be sad right now. You tried your best only to be rejected for something you really wanted: a job, a career. It’s okay to feel disappointed that your work wasn’t recognized by a specific organization. That is not a reflection of you as a person or an employee in the workplace. If you gave it your all in your application, let yourself feel everything that you need to feel at first.


From there I can only tell you to get back out there. Keep trying. Apply for more positions in your field. Wait on pins and needles for the rest of those emails to come back to you with better results. Emails that start with, “We are pleased to inform you that,” and especially ones that contain “Congratulations.” Because you deserve it. And someone out there knows that, even if you don’t right now.