The Craziest Person You'll Ever Meet: Christopher Dinicolantonio

Christopher Dinicolantonio is a 20 year old sustainable development major from Memphis, Tennessee where he lives with his brother, parents, and his cat Luna. He makes a point of telling people that he likes cats more than people.

Chris has a close relationship with his dad, who is an outdoors nerd like him. One time, there was a flood and they went kayaking in the soccer field near their home. Even though they are close, Chris couldn't say what exactly his father does for a living, "something at a bank," Chris said.

Chris is also close to his brother, who goes to Clemson University. His family has a close bond, and they all go skiing every other year in Colorado.

Chris loves quidditch, and is on the team at App State. He actually has his own hashtag on the team (#chrisprobs) because he once broke a girl's leg and gave another one a concussion. Chris is a beater on the team, and has been for two years. His ambition is to make it on the Black Squad in quidditch (the highest squat at App State).

Obviously, Chris is a huge Harry Potter fan, "I had my first kiss at the end credits of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 because I didn’t want to miss any of the movie. I have all the books on audiobook and can quote them at you anytime I want. I can tell you what is happening in the movie if you play the soundtrack for me at any time. I once listened to the soundtrack for nine hours (every song ever in Harry Potter) in a single sitting."

When asked if what team he'd be "I am a Gryffindor, but I would like to be a Hufflepuff, but I’m too outspoken to be in Hufflepuff”.

Chris loves to travel and most interestingly went backpacking in Wyoming for a solid month.

The craziest thing he ever did was live in a school bus when he was a raft guide over the summer. There were beds and wardrobes in places of the seats, which he says was pretty awesome because it was a lot bigger than a dorm room and he had it mostly to himself for most of the summer. 

Chris has amazing outdoor skills. The craziest camping experience he ever had was when he slept outside while it was 30 degrees and 1-foot of snow was on the ground (not to mention this place was a two day hike from civilization). He’s also just about the only person under forty who can still navigate with a paper map and actually owns paper maps. His most heroic moment was when he saved a friend from drowning in a river and crossed a waterfall. The water was up to his shins and it was a 20 foot fall. Amazingly enough, it is his most heroic moments (plural) because he has done it twice at two different falls.

Chris’s dream in life is to work for a private outdoors company, helping them become more sustainable. He also wants to make time to hike the Appalachian Trail when he graduates, and try living out of a car, just to see how that goes.

Sorry ladies, this goofball is taken! Chris has been with his grilfriend, Ally Sears for four months now. Ally goes to UNC and according to Chris: "She likes memes and cats. She’s cool I guess. She’s very pretty and very cool." They love to watch New Girl together on Skype, go out of way to find cats together, and send each other memes. Chris hates the long distance relationship, and says "its kind of annoying, using snapchat and Skype, but it’s totally worth it to see her." (awe!)