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Confessions of an Introvert

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at App State chapter.

1. We secretly envy extroverts and wish we were more outgoing.

2. “Going out” consists of going out to our favorite off-campus restaurants only to return and binge-watch our favorite Netflix shows (needless to say, we would much rather spend our weekends in the comfort of our homes rather than at parties or any other kind of social gathering…we don’t mind a little bit of company either).

3. We absolutely hate small talk.

4. We are intense and intuitive.

5. We tend to critique ourselves excessively and overthink EVERYTHING.

6. We ruminate over things we should have said or should have left out, especially when we are publicly humiliated.

7. We are completely satisfied with having only a couple of close friends as opposed to a whole group.

8. Silence in conversation is totally NOT abnormal; in fact, we need it.

9. We think before we speak.

10. We wait for the right time to speak up, and when we finally think of something worthy to say, it is likely that the center of attention will interrupt us.

11. Oh, and did I mention we never like to be the center of attention?

12. It’s normal for us to stay inside in our pajamas for multiple days in a row (this seems to be a repeated struggle of the weekend).

13. We like to listen and observe more than we like to participate.

14. We disagree with the statement “The more, the merrier!”

15. We are not shy and we like to meet new people, but we prefer to be one-on-one for a more intimate, deeper discussion.

16. We are very bothered when we realize we are not going to get time to ourselves because we thoroughly enjoy it.

17. When an invitation to a Facebook event pops up on our timeline, our anxiety heightens.

18. When we receive a call and our phone starts to ring, our anxiety shoots through the roof because we are usually not ready to talk right at that moment.

19. Most of the time we come off as quiet, but this underestimates what is going on inside of our heads.

20. We are better at communicating through writing than in person.

21. We feel awkward 99.9% of the time.

22. We are known for cancelling plans, but it’s nothing personal.

23. We are never the ones to make the first move.

24. We have to be alone to “recharge” because it takes the energy out of us when we have to be social for an extended period of time.

25.  If we aren’t paying attention, we are probably daydreaming.

26. We get distracted quite easily.

27. Everyday activities that may seem ordinary to others are utterly draining and exhausting for us.

28. We contemplate every little thing, from beginning to middle to end.

29. We don’t like seeing people we know if we are not mentally prepared and will escape if we can  (our phone is quite the lifesaver).

30. Texts like “Hey” or “What’s up?” stress us out and are the type of conversation starters we wish we could avoid.

Yes, introverts are hard to understand and even harder to figure out, but there is nothing wrong with being an introvert. After all, it’s just a label. Believe it or not, introverts do like people and are social. Introverts are simply reserved, and it takes longer to open up to others, so when they do, it’s something special.

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Freshman Journalism Major at App State