The College Girls Take on Girls Night Out

Being a female in this crazy word is tough, much less a college female. It is a constant cycle of your girlfriends telling you how beautiful you look just to have it all thrown out the window when that one guy ignores you at the bar. Be honest with yourself, how often do you compare yourself with others? I already know the answer is way more than it should be, because I am at fault too.

This past week, all Appalachian State women had the chance to attend Girls Night Out, hosted by Marian Jordan Ellis. Of course, I took advantage of this opportunity.

As a college woman, attending this speech was needed more than I realized. Marian started her speech simple and clearly…

“Never trust what a guy says in the hot tub.”

How true is that? How many times has the bachelor said the “L” word in the hot tub, and the next week sends the girl home?

And this idea of love led Marian to her next point. I see it as a trap that girls fall into when they think they need to find love to be satisfied. Marian discussed that this idea is far from the truth.

When we first enter college, it is so easy to find your label, what and whom you want to be associated with.  The two “L” according to Sex and the City, “labels and love.”

Marian stresses this idea that you do not need a label in college. Why do labels define you? As I thought about this idea, it couldn’t be more accurate. Why do we let our label as a “sorority girl” or “business major” define who we are? As soon as we obtain this label, it may not be as satisfying as we thought. At least that’s what Marian said happened to her.  According to Marian, we do this to fill the hole that we have in our heart. We constantly search to fill this hole, whether it is boys, our GPA, or our success in life.

The idea is here is that these things will not fill that hole in your heart. Marian discussed her relationship with Jesus Christ and how finding him filled that hole in her heart while going through college.

I know many college women can relate to Marian’s experiences. Becoming that party girl in college constantly searching to be satisfied. Marian felt that any guy she met in college was only a temporary feeling of satisfaction, and as soon as the guy was done with her, he moved on. But she didn’t.

I always find myself trying to fill a hole in my heart with relationships with friends, guys, or food. I am guilty to admitting that Jesus isn’t the first person I look to when I am at a low point in life. I think the challenge is here is getting distracted with so many things in this fast paste life. It is not often I take the time to sit down and rely on God for direction.

Marian challenged the audience to join this journey with her and with God to rely on him to fill this hole in your heart. She emphasized the importance of believing in yourself, and only yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others to think that you are on top, in God’s world, you are already there.

After experiencing a night devoted to myself as well as God, I find myself overwhelmed with love. Having the perspective that God is with you, there is no need to worry throughout life. If this woman is standing here speaking this word, after being through so may trails and tribulations herself, I can live this way as well.

Throughout Marian’s career, she has written many empowering books for women to read, including her most popular book, Sex and the City: Uncovered.

I personally took time to read this book and suggest it to all college women. Marian’s point here is to look beyond the typical college lifestyle of college with boys, alcohol, drugs, and bad decisions, and seek to satisfy yourself with the love of Jesus Christ.

If you would like to check out what Marian is all about and her books check out her website here