This Celeb is Disney Bound: Meet Caroline Halt

While a large number of students spend all of their undergraduate careers at Appalachian State, some take the time for adventure. Caroline Halt is one of those adventurers. She’s going to Disney.

A sophomore hospitality and tourism management major, Caroline is taking a semester off to do the Disney College Program. Caroline has accumulated enough extra hours through graduating high school a semester early that it doesn’t put her behind academically.

While as Disney, Caroline will be working as a hostess in fine dining, which is one of the many options offered in the Disney College Program.

“I’m so estatic. Since I’m from Florida it’s like a little homecoming for me. I would love to live there and just work at Disney,” Caroline said.

While, Caroline won’t be at App next semester, that hasn’t stopped Caroline from being involved in life in North Carolina

Caroline just finished her term as a PanHellenic delegate on PHC as well as working at a veterinary clinic back home in Charlotte.

“I love my job because I get to play with all the cute puppies that come in and you get to establish relationships with all the owners,” Caroline said.

When Caroline finishes her term at Disney next August she’ll be right back up to Boone to start her junior year.