Best Fall Foods

Bundle up kiddies, it's that time of year again. While Boone is busy distracting you with the endless rain storm, fall is secretly sweeping in. Now, before you yell pumpkin spice lattes, think about the other awesome drinks and foods that come hand in hand with fall.

So, to prepare you for this wonderful cuddly time of year, here are some of the best fall foods and drinks to help you enjoy the season a little more. 

Soups and Stews

 Soups and Stews will warm you up after a long day and walking down the wind tunnel from class better known as Rivers Street. Here is a link to the best homemade chicken noodle soup: 



Nothin is better than green bean casserole (especially at Thanksgiving). Here is a classic recipe! 


Mashed Potatoes

How could anyone not like mashed potatoes, especially when they're drenched in gravy? Make some homemade mashed potatoes with boiled and skinned potatoes, milk, butter and salt. Don't forget to smother it in gravy before you eat it.

Pie and Apples 

Fresh apples are delicious. But, even better when they're baked into a pie. Here's a recipe for an easy apple pie.


Hot Chocolate, Tea, Apple Cider

Don't forget to warm yourself up with some hot chocolate topped with whipped cream or marshmallows, warm tea of any kind, or warm apple cider. And if you're really feeling that fall fever, make yourself a pumpkin spice latte. That's right ladies, here's your recipe to make PSL's instead of dropping $5 for every drink. Drink up you pumpkin lovers.