The Best Episodes Of Your Favorite TV Shows To Watch On Valentine's Day

I recently wrote an article about why being single on Valentine's Day isn't so bad, and while it's true that it may not be the worst thing that's ever happened, it's still not super enjoyable either. Especially when you're like me, a die-hard hopeless romantic who loves all things that are lame and cheesy, no matter how hard you try to make it stop. 

For those of you who will be spending tonight by yourselves, whether by choice or not, here's a list of all the best V Day/cheesy/cute episodes of the best TV shows for you to watch while you lay in your bed eating an entire pizza and secretly hating everyone else who isn't alone right now. 

New Girl: season 1, episode 13 "Valentine's Day"

Jess convinces Schmidt to be her wingman so she can have a casual V Day fling. Needless to say things do not go well, per usual. 

Gossip Girl: season 3, episode 4 "Dan de Fleurette"

The best part of this episode is Chuck's quote, "So the next time you forget you're Blair Waldorf, remember I'm Chuck Bass, and I love you." seriously? Am I the only one that thinks this is annoyingly sweet?

Gilmore Girls: season 2, episode 22 "I Can't Get Started"

This was the season finale where Sookie and Jackson get married, and Rory is forced to face her feelings for the new kid, bad-boy Jess, even though she has perfectly nice and sweet Dean. (DRAMA) For the record, I'll always stand behind Rory and Jess. Dean was way too emotionally controlling and cheats on his wife and I am def not here for it.

The Office: season 6, episodes 4 & 5 "Niagara Falls" Parts 1 & 2

These are my favorite episodes of this show for obvious reasons, but mainly because Jim and Pam are definitely one of my favorite TV couples ever. He just loves her SO MUCH and I literally die every single time I see that one specific part where they're on the boat and he just looks at the camera with that look... it's just too much man. 

Jane The Virgin: season 2, episode 22 "Chapter Forty-Four"

So clearly I'm a sucker for episodes with weddings and super lovey-dovey stuff, but this one is extra magical because of Michael's vows... he seriously memorized them in Spanish for her. Do boys like that even exist in real life??


This kinda goes without saying, but Jack and Rebecca may have one of the best fictional love stories of all time. Every single episode shows how much they love one another and I cry in every. single. episode. It's truly ridiculous how great they are. #RELATIONSHIPGOALS

Friends: season 10, episode 18 "The Last One: Part 2"

This was the show's finale, and my all time favorite episode because Rachel got off the plane because Ross is her stupid lobster. (brb sobbing)

Grey's Anatomy: season 5, episode 19 "Elevator Love Letter"

I saved this one for last because it will forever be my all time favorite ugly-cry tv show episode. No matter how many times I watch it (I've already seen it so many times I can quote it perfectly), I will never not cry when Derek takes the time to tell Meredith about the surgeries they've done together and how he fell in love with her in the perfect elevator scene. What is it about those elevators? On the flip side, Cristina comes to the realization that Owen's PTSD is too much for her to handle, which brings on even more tears.