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Autumn Fashion Trends for 2012

Falling back in love with fall is easily one of the most magical experiences in life. Every year, as the leaves change from summery greens to harvest oranges, we joyfully welcome back our favorite season with the unpacking of beloved boots and the “cheers” of a pumpkin spice latte. As special as this season is, the wonderful activities of autumn, like football games, pumpkin carvings, and October festivals, are all made even more memorable when accompanied by chic fall fashion.

So, with fall’s arrival on Saturday, we present to you HCAppState’s Autumn Fashion Trends for 2012, worn and photographed specifically for the lovely women of ASU who will hopefully rock these autumn trends all season long. (We have 8 trends, so make sure you check them all out!)

Look 1: Across the Silky Way
Worn by: Lena Aloumari (HCAppState VP)

 We think the stars aligned for our first look! This classic yet unique ensemble features a bright silk scarf for a perfect pop of color! Easily one of the most versatile accessories ever, silks scarves can be worn like Lena’s as a headscarf, looped elegantly around the neck, tucked into back pockets, tied around purse straps, or even knotted loosely around the shoulders. Simple, chic, and out of this world adorable!


Look 2: Fierce Fall Femininity
Worn by: Kelly Cole

Look number 2, worn by Kelly, is the perfect example of how to pair feminine and fierce pieces together for a dainty rocker vibe. The girly bow around her neck and lace accents surrounding the buttons on her shirt juxtapose perfectly with her cut-offs and punky combat boots. This fall, don’t be afraid of unexpected combos. Lace and studs, bows and fringe, it’s all hot this harvest.


Look 3: Autumn Aztec
Worn by: Laura Maddox (HCAppState President)

Number 3 of HCAppState’s autumn trends combines a lace mini dress with a long black and white Aztec inspired sweater for a look that guys and girls will love. This look works well because all the hues involved (forest green, white, black, cream and camel) are earthy tones that don’t clash. And don’t be afraid to try out a floppy hat – it’s very ‘sexy scarecrow’ and we love it!


Look 4: Trend Touchdown 
Worn by: Haley Cahill (HCAppState Writer)

Running out of ideas for football fashion? We can help! Lucky for us, black and gold are totally in this season! Haley’s look is fashion forward and football friendly, combining a sharp black top with a geometric metallic skirt. Don’t go overboard though! Make sure you balance bedazzle with basics for a look that isn’t too flashy this fall.


Look 5: White, as in ‘Ghost’
Worn by: Renee Redd (HCAppState PR)

Is it possible to get fashion inspiration from Ghosts? We think so! Look number 5 proves that white is in and it doesn’t have to be spooky. Classic button-downs can be worn with practically anything, including similar hues like the golden cream of Renee’s skirt. Tied at the bottom, paired with a bright chunky necklace, or left un-tucked with skinny jeans, this timeless piece won’t be getting any “boos” this season.


Look 6: In the Pattern Patch
Worn by: Lena Aloumari (HCAppState VP)

This fall, pattern pants are the cream of the crop! In Look 6, Lena’s denim shirt and patterned pants are a match made in heaven. In a perfect ankle-skimming height, patterned pants look adorable with simple flats and a tucked in top as to not distract from the main attraction. Couple this look with hair done in a messy, flyaway braid and your bold bottoms will turn heads all autumn long.


Look 7: Too Jewel for School
Worn by: Haley Rogers (HCAppState Photographer – Didn’t she do a great job?)

Ruby reds, sapphires, and emerald greens aren’t just for royalty. This season, you can wear any of these majestic hues around campus and be totally trendy! Here Haley pairs a muted blue-green pencil skirt with a lace accented shirt and a bulky sweater. We adore the color choices and the structured bottoms paired with the casualness of the top. We give this look an A+ in autumn style!

Oh, and bonus points for the top-knot! So cute!


Look 8: Fall Fusion
Worn by: Laura Maddox (HCAppState President)

Our last look is all about the mix! Take your eyes off of the amazingly patterned shirt for two seconds and check out the belt. Yep, it’s cheetah print! We love this unexpected combo, especially with high-waisted plum pants. Just another jewel tone for you! This is a look that can be rocked without having to go shopping. Look through your current prints and pair two that aren’t too different or too similar. It’s all about balance this season!

We hope you loved these looks and the photos we took just for you! And if you’re feeling style inspired, post a photo of your version of one of these looks to our Facebook page so we can see your autumn style! HCxo!

Laura Maddox is a Senior at Appalachian State University. Laura was born and raised in Charlotte, NC but loves the mountain air in Boone. She is one of four kids and has an identical twin sister. Laura enjoys reading, fashion, blogging, traveling, chocolate, lots of coffee and riding in the car with the windows down. She has a knack for creative writing, doodling and procrastination. Laura plans on moving to Boston after graduation to pursue a career in the advertising industry as a copywriter. Laura loves APP and will always be a Mountaineer fan!
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