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Alumni Spotlight: Meet Bridget Ryan

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at App State chapter.
Company and Job Title: Penguin Random House, Random House Children’s Books Social Media & Publicity
Current Location: Manhattan
ASU Graduating Class: May 2012
What was your ASU major and how did it put you on the path to what you’re doing now?
I majored in Communications: Electronic Media/Broadcasting at App with a minor in English. Beyond coursework, I was also active at 90.5 WASU-The App, which ultimately gave me the skills and confidence to apply for jobs at large corporations.  The radio station taught me to prioritize, to think on my feet in high pressured situations, and the importance of being detail oriented. 
How did you decide you wanted to go into publishing?
When I graduated I knew that I wanted to find a job where business and creativity intersected. I wanted to be surrounded by people who would encourage me to think outside of the box. The summer before my senior year I took an internship at Random House and instantly knew publishing was where I belonged. It was like working at Disneyland. Everyone had such passion for books and truly loved what they were doing. Plus, you got to talk about books. ALL DAY. Who wouldn’t love that? I did a few rotations through various departments–which I would highly recommend–and at the end of the program decided that I wanted to go into marketing. 
What made you decide to move to New York?
As much as I loved going to college in a small town, I always knew that I’d wind up in a big city. Almost every major publishing house (and company for that matter) is out of New York so this was where I needed to be in order to pursue my goals. 
Describe a typical day-in-the-life for Bridget Ryan:
I work in a pretty fast-paced environment so almost every day is different. I wake up, go for a run on the West Side Highway, and then take the subway to work. As soon as I get in the office I sort my email, check on the overnight activity for our social accounts (Twitter & Instagram), and respond to followers. The rest of my day really just depends. Sometimes I’m planning author tours and visits and other days I’m pitching my titles to top Media, like Entertainment Weekly or Teen Vogue.  I always finish up my day with scheduling Tweets/posts for the evening and making my to-do list for tomorrow. Oh, and then I meet friends for  Happy Hour (aka best part of the day).
What is your favorite thing about living in Manhattan?
Where do I even begin? Flower shopping at corner bodegas. Unlimited mimosas at brunch. Small apartments that cost entirely too much. Running into people you know randomly (Seriously, I’m always amazed when this happens!). My neighborhood. The convenience of things, aka GrubHub.  Conversations with cab drivers (I’ve met like 5 people who’ve claimed their royalty). And that everything that is worth anything always comes here first (i.e. movies, fashion, art exhibits). 
What do you miss most about App?
Dollar beers.
Tell us about your fabulous blog:
I run a lifestyle blog (MidgeInManhattan.com) where I shares the insights into the life of a young New Yorker. It’s basically just a place where I can share my passion for writing and all things pretty. I talk about new restaurants I’ve tried, books I’m reading, and frequently discuss how hard dating is in this City. MIDGE IN MANHATTAN has been a fantastic outlet for me and is something I really enjoy doing. You should follow my blog, just saying!
When you aren’t working, how do you spend your free time?
When people say there is always something to do in New York they aren’t exaggerating. The City LITERALLY never sleeps. I hate feeling like I’ve wasted time here so I try to do at least one “culturing” thing a weekend. When the weather’s nice you’ll most likely find me outside at places like Smorgasburg or laying out on the Great Lawn at Central Park. But I also love Saturday afternoon trips to MoMa or strolling around the West Village looking for the perfect brunch spot. 
What has been the coolest part about your career thus far?
I’m a total fan girl when it comes to meeting authors. The coolest part of my career so far has probably been working with Ann Brashares (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants). She has been one of my favorite author’s since middle school and now I get to work on her books! #amazing. She has a new book called THE HERE AND NOW. You should totally check it out. 
What advice can you give to graduating seniors who are currently on the job hunt?
Don’t give up. The job process is really hard and frustrating but you can’t take just decide to stop looking. You have to persevere and eventually you will find something!
Check out Bridget’s fabulous blog at www.midgeinthecity.com!