8 Strange Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

Finding beauty tricks that actually work is like finding a needle in a haystack: near to impossible. It seems that every time you are on social media, whether it is Twitter or Pinterest, there is another strange beauty hack that ‘actually works!’ Going through the countless beauty hacks to find the best ones are a waste of time. Here are some strange beauty hacks that are worth your time!

#1 Conditioner as shaving cream:

Run of shaving cream? No problem. Apply the conditioner you use on your hair to you legs as shaving cream. Rub and exfoliate the skin before you shave. The ingredients in the conditioner cleans and restores your skin just like it does your hair.

#2 Deodorant Elsewhere:

Do you have a problem with your thighs rubbing together in the summer months that causes chaffing? Apply the deodorant on the inside of your thighs. It also prevents sweating!

#3 Wet Nails in Ice Water:

Patience is truly a virtue when painting your nails. If you are tired of waiting for your nails to dry, dip your wet nails into a bowl of ice water. The cold water helps set the paint on your nails. Dry your hands and you are go to go!

#4 Blow Dry your Eyelash Curler:

When you apply heat to your hair, what happens? It curls! The same thing happens with your eyelashes! Apply heat to your eyelash curler before curling your eyelashes and it will help your lashes curl better and hold longer.

#5 Baby-Powder Pump Up:

Use baby powder in between coats of mascara to pump up the volume. Using a translucent baby power will help with grip on your eyelashes when you apply that next coat of mascara!

#6 Wrap Hair in a cotton t-shirt.  

When stepping out of the shower, it is habit to reach for that bath towel to dry your hair. Switch your towel out for a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair. T-shirts are less damaging to your hair and will absorb moisture more, so your hair will dry faster!

#7 Tea-Bag Delight.

Put dry tea bags in your favorite pair of flats or tennis shoes to get rid of the smell!


#8 Use Contact Solution in your mascara.

If your mascara is dried out before the bottle is completely empty, add a drop of contact solution. Adding contact solution will make sure you can use every last bit!


Next time you run across a strange beauty trick, make sure to look up what others have done to see if it actually works! Keep these hacks in mind when you want to try something new in your beauty routine.