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8 Perfect GIFs to Explain My Reaction to Lilly for Target

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at App State chapter.

The Internet is buzzing over the news that Lilly Pulitzer is launching a new line at Target on April 19th. The 250 piece collection consists of clothing, accessories, home goods, and tons more! It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for those of us counting down the days and we feel like these GIFS definitely get our pain.


1. The collection was first announced:

 It was basically the best news I’ve ever heard.”TELL EVERYONE, THIS IS NOT A DRILL!”


2. Planning your shopping tactics with your friends, days before it hits the shelves:

“Alright, we’re stronger in numbers. Or should we divide and conquer? We should totally wear war paint to intimidate others. We’ll need to hit up Starbucks for extra fuel.”

3. The realization that you live/go to school nowhere near a Target:

“Why do bad things happen to good people? This is wrong on so many levels.”

4. Thinking about how many screaming girls you will have to wrestle for the last dress:

Things will probably get crazy, so be prepared for the classic tug-of-war scenario. “I definitely saw this first. Even if i didn’t, I’m still not letting it go.”

5. Wanting all 250 items, no matter how random they may be:

“You don’t NEED that pineapple shaped dish. What would you actually use it for? Don’t even think about getting that giant beach umbrella.”

6. Knowing your bank account will not be happy with you once this is over:

“There was no way I could take just ONE of the lipsticks. I had to get them all, obviously. The nail polishes looked like they needed a good home too…”

7. Hoping that there will be items left over and eventually go on sale:

“One can dream, right?”

8. Leaving the store with your brand new Lilly purchases that you will love and cherish forever:

Now get out there and flaunt your new goodies while wearing your battle scars with pride!