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8 Common Girl Phrases: Translated

Girls are complicated. We have codes. Some of the phrases we use everyday have different translations in our head, but we say them anyways.  Makes sense, right? Not at all.

1. “Hey girl!”Translation (to an acquaintance): “I completely forgot what your name is.”

2. “I’m over it.”Translation: “I would rather do anything else on this earth, than give this one more second of my time.”

3. “Let’s seriously grab lunch soon!”Translation: “We say this every single time we run into each other, but we have yet to actually get lunch together.”

4. “I mean, I guess.”Translation: “I completely disagree with whatever you just said, but I want to change the subject so I’ll just agree with you.”

5. “I don’t care where we eat!”Translation: “Please say you want Chipotle.”

6. “I’ll start my diet tomorrow.”Translation: “I need to say this so I don’t feel guilty about eating everything in sight.”

7. “I’ll be there in five minutes!”Translation: “ I’ll be there in 30 minutes.”

8. “I’m fine.”Translation: “ I am not fine and you’re in deep shi*.”

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