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7 Things To Do When You’re Snowed In

It may only be the first week of November, but in Boone, winter comes early. Whether you have “me” time, get schoolwork done, or just have a lot of fun, being snowed in has a lot of advantages besides lying in bed all day.

1. Play in it!

It may seem like an obvious idea, but so many of us dread squeezing into three pairs of pants and getting snow down the backs of our shirts that we never fully enjoy the fun that can come with playing in the snow. Relive your childhood by building a snowman or having a group snowball fight. Can’t find anyone to play with you? Don’t be afraid to post on social media or dorm Facebook pages; it can be a great way to bond with new people.

2. Try out a new recipe.

With the semester in full swing, it’s hard to find time to whip up anything other than a Lean Cuisine. Use a snow day to make one of the five million recipes you've seen on Pinterest! Plus, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. What better time to give that pumpkin turthe cheesecake recipe a trial run?

3. Make connections for your future.

Many of us are guilty of getting so wrapped up in school that we forget to apply for internships, grad school, or email possible career contacts. These are important because it’s the whole reason we’re in college. Use a snow day to do these tasks that you feel you never have enough time to do.

4. Catch up on Netflix.

On the other hand, some people need to use a day off to recharge our mental health. If you’re someone who tends to work harder than you play, feel free to take a personal day once in a while. Whether you dig The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, or Pretty Little Liars, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and binge watch away.

5. Have a Spa Day.

When the wind is howling, warm yourself up with a bubble bath! It doesn’t take much to create a relaxing atmosphere by lighting candles and adding lavender oil drops or bubble bath to the tub. You can also dye your roots, give yourself a pedicure, tweeze your eyebrows, apply self-tanner, do a DIY hair treatment, or try out new makeup looks. You might just have a better, productive days when you feel good about yourself, so be sure to catch up other areas of your life when mid semester blues hit!

6. Do yoga.

Just because it's nasty outside doesn’t mean you have to give up your exercise routine. Look up simple exercise routines on YouTube and do them to music in your room, or look up yoga poses to add to your repertoire.

7. Get in touch with people back home.

Whether you haven’t called your best friend in three weeks, or forgot to congratulate your cousin on her big job promotion, use that day in to check in with people that are important to you. Parents love it when you let them know how much you appreciate them, and your granny would probably love to receive a homemade card from you. 



I am a Junior at App majoring in Apparel Design and Merchandising. I love dresses, thrifting, playing soccer, reading magazines, celebrity closets, bubble baths, mom & pop restaurants, and giving relationship advice. I hate waking up early, band aids, Dr. Phil, and men with big muscles. 
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