6 Reasons Ben and Jerry Are the Only Men You Need in Your Life

1. They never let you down.

Let’s be honest, guys aren’t always the most reliable people on the face of the planet. But you know which guys will always be there for you? Ben and Jerry. Have a sweet tooth and want a snack? They’re your go to. Need to cry and watch sappy movies? They’re there for you. I literally can’t think of any situation where they would not be there for you. Unless you’re on a diet… They probably can’t help you out then. 


2. They’re relatively inexpensive.

Do you know how expensive boys are? They all want the latest gadgets, or tickets to the biggest sporting event of the year and let’s be honest our college budgets can’t afford all of that. Ben and Jerry would never want you to spend that amount of money on them though.  For about $5 (including tax - SCORE) they’re all yours... How sweet. Which brings me to my next point:

3. They’re always sweet.

Now, I’m not saying that all boys are sour, but I know for sure that you will never find boys as sweet as Ben and Jerry. And the best part? They’re not overly sweet - just perfect. They will never say mean things to you, and something about just being around them makes you feel better. 

4. They don’t take up room on the bed.

Ben and Jerry will never selfishly expect you to share everything with them. They won’t drink the last glass of the milk, they won’t leave the toilet seat up in the middle of the night, and they most certainly won’t kick and toss and turn in their sleep causing you not to sleep at all. They’re basically every girl’s dream guy. 

5. They never complain.

Ben and Jerry are personally my two favorite boys because they never complain. Like, ever. Amazing, I know. They’ll watch all your favorite Netflix series with you, including Sex and the City and Gossip Girl. They’ll let you go on and on about your bad day or that girl you hate and they don’t even care that you haven’t showered in days. 

6. They participate in late night dance sessions with you and your suite mates.

Guys just don’t understand how it is to dance in the middle of the living room with all of your girlfriends to Taylor Swift. *sigh* But unlike most guys, Ben and Jerry will right there for all the fun. Ben and Jerry are always the life of the party. Be careful though, they are quite popular guys… Some of your girlfriends might even want to share. Which is fine, I mean, if you’re in to that kind of thing.