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5 Ways to Get Involved on Campus This Semester

Coming into college, everyone wants to make friends and find their niche. Sometimes, we just don’t know how to do that, so here are five ways to get involved on campus this semester:

1. Join a sorority or fraternity.

I know, I know. A lot of sororities and fraternities have bad reputations, but they are not like what some people make them out to be. A sorority is really meant to be a sisterhood where you help each other, and make life long friends. Appalachian State recruitment starts this week! Don’t worry if you’re a little behind. Monday and Tuesday are only the orientation sessions. Things don’t get really serious until next week.

Just make sure to go to www.greeks.appstate.edu to register before things get started on Friday the 2nd.


2. Join a club related to your major.

Every major has at least one club affiliated with them. For example, English majors have the English club (which meets every Thursday in Sanford 305). Education majors have App Educators (every other Wednesday Starting September 7th at 5:30). Check out all of the clubs, most of which you can join at any time throughout the year, by going to http://campusactivities.appstate.edu/club-directory

3. Quidditch

Almost everyone has read Harry Potter at some point in their life, so your probably familiar with the concept of quidditch. What you might not have known is that App State has not one, but two quidditch teams. Don’t know how to play? Come to tryouts anyway! We’ll teach you! You can join the email list to find out exactly when and where the tryouts are by going to their facebook page @appalachianquidditch.

4. Find a Church Group

Most people are affiliated with some denomination, so why not immerse yourself into that? We have so many church groups at App State. Collegians For Christ meets Tuesdays at 7 p.m., and CRU meets on Thursdays at 8:45 p.m. in the Grandfather Mountain Ballroom. You can join a group at any time. If you go to one meeting and decide that you want to try another group, that’s okay! The important part is to get involved. You can find other church groups to join by clicking on the campus activities link above.

5. Make your own Club

So maybe you’ve been to the Club Expo, searched the club website, tried out some clubs, went to Greek life recruitment, but you still just aren’t fitting in anywhere. That’s okay! You have the option of starting your own club. At App State all you need is ten people and you can fill out a registration form to create your own club. Don’t know how to start a club? Try putting up signs and advertising on campus via chalk drawings on the sidewalks and walkways. Reserve a room in the library big enough for ten people for at least an hour, and maybe include an email interest list. Bam! You have yourself a club. Every club on campus started as an idea and a few people, so why not yours?

For more information on starting a club, visit http://campusactivities.appstate.edu/how-to-start-a-new-club

If none of these things work for you, keep looking! You’ll find where you fit in, even if it surprises you!
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Sydney Sharpstene is a freshman at App State. She is a Secondary English Education Major and plans to be a high school english teacher when she graduates. Sydney is from Greensboro NC and likes to swim, slack line and sing in her free time.
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