5 Thoughts You'll Have The First Week of Classes

Back to school can be rough. Getting back in a routine and doing homework is something you may not be looking forward to. We have all been there, thinking of ways to make the best out of our semester that first week, or do what we can do avoid a class. We’ve come up with five thoughts you may have while getting through your first week of class.

1. “Should I drop this class?”

Let’s be honest, the second the professor reads over that attendance policy or the assignments due, the question pops into every ones’ heads.

2. “We get out of class early!”

Syllabus week brings many students happiness, possibly because it may be the only time all semester that class is dismissed early.


3. “Wait, did they just say to turn to chapter one?”

There is nothing worse than a professor who is just so eager to start the material on the first day of class. Can we ease back into this whole class thing first?

4. “I wonder if there are any cuties in this class?”

Some of us may not admit it, but our eyes are always looking for new eye candy when a new semester comes around. Hey, you need something good to look at during that hour and fifteen minute long class!

5. “LOL, reading? We all know that’s not going to happen.”

Professors love to give reading as homework, especially when they casually drop it in the lecture on the first day of class. We all know no one is doing the reading on the first week of classes. Try again next week…

No matter the thoughts that run through your head on the first week of classes, don’t give up. You know you are going to have the best year yet. 

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to always just try one more time.” –Thomas Edison.