5 Things All App State Girls Need In Their Bag

We've been giving out some sweet items from our HC Survival Kits as part of the #GettingBackGivingBack challenge! These are some of the best items a gal can have on hand, and after trying out and getting feedback about them, here are 5 items any App State girl should have in their bag in case of emergency!

1. Palmer’s Swivel Stick Cocoa Butter Formula. As you’ve noticed, the temperature in Boone in dropping, which means the air is dryer, and with the wind we get around here doesn’t help our skin stay healthy. Use Palmer’s Swivel Stick to soothe those areas on your face that are rough and dry,  ease the ache in chapped lips, and also heal and protect blemishes from the rough air.


2. NYC City Proof Longwear Chubby Eyeshadow. There are few things Boone gals love more than going out, but we sure don’t like having to worry if our make-up is going to stand against the ever changing Boone weather. From walking on campus all day, to grabbing drinks after class, going to dinner, or hitting a few bars on a Thursday night, this City Proof eyeshadow has been proven to be Boone Proof, too. Use it like a slick on stick, and the special formula eyeshadow will stay on through whatever you need!


3. 5-Hour Energy. Between all of our class hours, meetings for organizations and with professors, and that dreaded library time, taking a 5-Hour Energy is just what collegiettes need for a pick-me-up. In our #HCSurvivalKit we got the Berry and Pink Lemonade flavors, and we’re here to tell you they’ve saved our butts during those long days.

4. 5-Hour Energy Headphones. Headphones are a necessity to a collegiettes day, especially when walking to class and studying in the library. These headphones provide the tunes and are super comfortable! They come with color options for the earbud cushions, so your ears aren’t aching when you’ve been putting in 7 hours straight in the library,


5.Cold-Eeze. With the cold air coming in, and the weather fluctuating between sunny and chilly and rainy, our bodies are even more susceptible to illness. If you feel a little achy in your throat, have some congestion or a cough, just take one of these Cold-Eeze’s and have instant relief!



Be on the lookout for exciting chances to win items like this as part of our #gettingbackgivingback challenge, HCXO!