5 Reasons Why You Need A Good Friend Group

Having a good group of friends is SO vitally important for many reasons, but here's a few to give you the gist!



1. You can vent to them about anything.

Whether it’s your least favorite professor getting on your last nerves or the stress of that paper you have due tomorrow, having a group of friends who will listen to your rants is essential in college. Nothing is better than angry-ranting and having your friends validate your feelings and back you up.

2. Reality check

If you have the right group of friends, then they will tell you how it is. No beating around the bush, if you need to get your **** together then they’ll let you know. Sometimes, we all need someone to let us know that!

3. It’s not so lonely

For me, I have all my friends in a group chat and it’s so nice to always have them there with me, even if they aren’t with me. Knowing that I can just pull my phone out, send a text, and get a reply within minutes is pretty comforting!

Live footage of me texting my friends in the group chat:


4. Self-esteem boosters

Whenever you’re feeling down about yourself, it’s great to have friends that will boost you up and help you realize the amazing, beautiful person you are!

5. Priorities

Kind of like a reality check, your friends can help you realize what’s important and what you need to be focusing on first and foremost. 

Friend groups have more of an influence on you than you think, so having a group of friends who influence you/your life in the best ways possible is crucial!