5 Places To Take Visiting Friends To


Fall is in there air, and naturally you have friends coming to visit from other schools, but the question is, where do you take them? There's so much to Boone and App that you can't possibly fit it all into one weekend.

So here we have the very best of the best of Boone to show your friends.


1. Howard's Knob

 This little gem allows your friends to see how big Boone really is. They can see the stadium and all of campus from this overlook. It's the nature of Boone without ever leaving the town limits!

2. Campus

There's no way to visit App without going through campus itself. There's plenty of beauty within the confines of campus whether you visit Durham Park or Sanford Mall. Bonus points if you make them walk through all of campus and pretend you're an Ambassador.

3. King Street

Between Mast, Black Cat, Boone Belles and ODB, King Street is packed with food and shopping options to delight any out of towner. They can even get a $5 t-shirt for all of their family and friends.

4. Rough Ridge

While students have to take the Rough Ridge photo to graduate, taking your out of town friends there will allow them to get an extra cool Instagram post that guarantees all of the likes.

5. App Cookie Co.

While this isn't somewhere you go per say, it's something that everyone needs to experience at least once, A Ron Swanson cookie can change a life.