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5 Goals You Should Set for This Summer

The summer is a great time to relax and destress from the crazy year. However, don’t fall into the trap of wasting the two months of time away. Spend your break productively! Summer provides plenty of time to better yourself and to grow as an individual. This summer, stress less about working yourself to death or looking the way you want to in a bikini. Instead, clear your mind, relax, focus on your overall wellness, and become a better version of yourself!


Here are five goals you should definitely set for this summer. They’re all totally reachable, and they’ll set the tone for another great school year in the fall!


1. Focus on the value of your health.

This summer, stop worrying about crash diets to get “skinny” for highwaisted shorts and crop tops, instead, do some yoga and relax. Eat foods that are nourishing and good for your body. Drink lots of water to take care of your skin. Meditate to clear your mind.


2. Start thinking about your future.

Take time in the next couple of months to start building your professional wardrobe. Grab a blazer from your local department store, or check out thrift stores for some good slacks. Each piece counts, and you’ll definitely need them in the big girl world!


3. Conquer a fear.

Do something you’ve never done before. Go skydiving, jump from a waterfall into a big body of water, surf, or try a food you’re scared to try! Do something that will make this summer unforgettable, do something that you won’t let fear hold you back from any longer.


4. Read a good book.

Whether you’re sitting out on the beach, by the lake, or in your air-conditioned room, dive right into a good book. Escape from your own reality for a moment and step into a fictional one. Or maybe, read up on a different culture or language. Whatever you decide to read, relax while you read it. Pour yourself a cup of tea and immerse yourself into the world of your novel.


5. Learn to love yourself.

Stop panicking about bikini season. Who cares? Rock that bathing suit and enjoy the sun! Focus on the things you do like about yourself, instead of dwelling on the things that arent your favorite. Spend this summer falling in love with YOU, and get ready to kick-off the next school year the right way.

Jordan is a Freshman at Appalachian State working a degree in Communications and Public Relations. She's a member of the Theta-Nu chapter of Alpha Phi, and currently serves as the Director of Target Membership Marketing for the chapter. Jordan is an intern newsdesk reporter at The Appalachian campus paper. In her free time, she loves being lazy with the gent, Lee, and their puppies; Macey, Jack, and Ruby. Her dream job is to be a News Anchor.
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