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15 Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons; the best kind of coffee flavors are brought back, bonfires with s’mores become the new pastime, and the way that Sanford Mall looks when all the leaves have changed to hues of bright orange and red. On my list of top fall-related activities, decorating a pumpkin ranks pretty high. I’ll admit it’s below having marathons of Halloween movies, but it’s a close number two! Thanks to the ever so helpful Pinterest, there are thousands of pins on decorating and carving pumpkins. I chose the best ones that any colliegette will be sure to love!


1. Add glitter:

You can ombre, polka dots, stripes, or even add a chic monogram to a pumpkin!


2. Chevron:

This popular patter will look even better incorporated in to your fall decorations.


3. Embracing your favorite sports teams:

Football season is here, and this is a great way to flaunt your team!


4. Hinting at yummy desserts:

Come on, who doesn’t love donuts?


5. Chalkboard typography pumpkins:

This link includes a tutorial on how to create your own version of this cute idea!


6. Puffy paint:

This tutorial shows a modern take on the popular craft paint.


7. Melted crayons:

The trend that was once very popular for canvases has now crossed over for pumpkins!


8. Minimalistic designs:

I love how chic these look! There are so many minimalist designs out there that would be super easy to recreate with a paint pen.


9. Animal prints:

For those that are obsessed with zebra or cheetah prints, this is a perfect option to show your bold side!


10. Pumpkin in stockings/tights:

I can’t count the stockings or tights that I’ve thrown away thinking they had no life left in them anymore. I wish I would have known about this diy to use them on!


11. Disney themed:

This nod to the popular movie, Frozen, is a gorgeous alternative to carving a design! You could do this with any of your favorite Disney princesses, or use the next link to find a Disney carving template!



12. Pop culture references:

Love Parks and Rec? You’ll love this sassy pumpkin carving idea! There are tons of templates out there from Breaking Bad to The Vampire Diaries, so you can be sure to find whatever show you’re looking for.


13. Preppy:

Whether it’s Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, or your monogram, putting the design on a pumpkin is a fun way to showcase your style.


14. Superheroes:

What a great way to get your guy friends involved in decorating pumpkins too!



15. The scariest one of all:


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