10 Superstitions Girls Have

Superstitions follow us everywhere! “Step on a crack you’ll break you’ll break your mothers back”, avoid black cats and walking under ladders. Every collegiette has her superstitions, no matter how crazy they may be!

1. Lucky Underwear… or any sort of clothing/jewelry item really.“I’m sure if I wear this one pair of underwear I’ll meet a cute guy--it worked last time!”or“I have to wear this necklace for the test--it’s my lucky charm.”

Girls go crazy about their lucky something-or-other, and feel totally off balance if they don’t have it.

2. Shaving.This is a classic superstition most all girls have.“If I shave my legs, I’ll get laid, if I don’t then I won’t.”

Sometimes you’re just too lazy to do it, and let’s face it when it gets colder the extra hair doesn’t help. Another thing to keep in mind, just because they aren’t shaved doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance of sex, so make sure you’re being safe if that chance comes up.

3. Don’t save his number.This isn’t a common one that I’ve heard of, but I do know collegiettes that won’t save the number of a guy they met at the bar for at least a week. Not saving his number gives you the chance to not be so attached if the encounter doesn’t go anywhere.

4. When it gets cold, you get cuffed. “Cuffing Season” currently is in full swing. It’s getting cold out, holidays are approaching, and people want someone to cuddle and share the good times with, so people tend to get into relationships more around this time.

5. Horoscopes.Goodness, what girl hasn’t gone through a point in her life when she wakes up and immediately checks to see what the stars have in store for her that day? There’s something about the planets aligning just right that makes you believe that your zodiac sign is right on point.

6. Birth Control. Oh, the magic pill. Or not. Just because you take the pill doesn’t mean you won’t get pregnant. Use protection, always.

7. If you go to the gym for a week, you’ll see results.WRONG. You need to maintain a steady work out regime and healthy diet in order to see the results in your body that you desire. One week just won’t cut it ladies!

8. Beer before liquor, you’ve never been sicker. Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear. This is an old one we all know and have said before. However true it may be, you just need to know how to monitor your alcohol level.

9. 11:11, make a wish.We’ve known this since we were in elementary school, and I still don’t know what it is about a sequence of four 1’s that makes us believe that a wish will come true. But if it’s your thing, keep on watching the clock.

10. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well this may be true, but it definitely goes both ways! Not to mention this implies that women just need to cook to keep their man happy… so does that mean we can have personalities of a wall if we know how to cook? No!