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10 Signs You’re Irrevocably Intoxicated & Need to Go Home

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at App State chapter.

It’s all happened to us before, and we’ve all lived the consequences after ignoring the signs that it is absolutely time to go home, you’re drunk.

1. Texting/Calling/Snapchatting your ex.

We all know what this is about…. 

2. You have drinks spilled all over you.

On your shoes, in your hair, or on your shirt… you’ll regret it tomorrow.

3. You no longer care about your butt showing because your skirt/dress is too short.

Most frequently seen at Char.


4. No matter what song is on, you’re still scream singing Timber by Ke$ha.

Or scream singing any song for that matter. Or even just screaming.

5. You’ve handed out your number to way too many questionables.

6. You’re spending money like you’re a billionaire.

Which ultimately leads to a lost credit card and an overdrafted account. It’s happened to the best of us.

7. You’re crying.

Always, always, always, just go home.

8. You’re swiping right for everyone on your Tinder.

Expect bajillions of messages from creepy old guys when you wake up in a mess tomorrow.

9. You start kissing all your friends.

10. You’re telling people stories that you really shouldn’t be.

“I shouldn’t tell you this but I’m going to anyway.”

Although it is college and the time to have fun and go out with friends, it’s important to be responsible! Look out for your friends and have each other’s back if one drinks too much. Drink responsibly and make sure you avoid these 10 things by simply knowing when to go home!