Your Slightly Eccentric Holiday Playlist

Who doesn’t love Christmas music?!  Well, maybe your roommate doesn’t, but that’s all the more reason to play it so you can see how long it takes to drive her crazy!  Here are HC Amherst’s picks for your holiday playlist this year:



“Do They Know It’s Christmas?” by Band Aid.  This is my personal favorite.  Even if the lyrics are a tad un-PC, you have to admit that it’s super catchy.


“White Christmas” by Kelly Clarkson.  Kelly Clarkson just came out with her Christmas album Wrapped in Red.  This song is a classic, and she does it justice. 


“Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” by Elmo and Patsy.  This song never stops being funny.  


“All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey.  What Christmas playlist would be complete without this song?!


“Baby it’s Cold Outside” by Cee Lo Green featuring Christina Aguilera.  YES!  This is the best combination ever!  


“All I Need Is Love” by Cee Lo Green featuring the Muppets.  This is actually the most amazing thing that ever happened to Christmas.  First of all, the song is wonderful, hilarious, and catchy.  Second of all, MUPPETS.  Plus the music video is hilarious and involves a rapping crustacean.  Need I say more?


“The Cat Carol” by Meryn Cadell.  This Christmas song is really depressing, but in a morbidly hilarious way.  It’s about a cat that keeps a mouse warm and then freezes to death.  It’s so bizarre that I had to include it on this list.


“Merry Christmas, Baby” by Rod Stewart featuring Cee Lo Green & Trombone Shortly.  I know, I know, Cee Lo Green again.  But he really dominated Christmas music this year!  His voice works surprisingly well with the aging Rod Stewart’s throaty notes in this upbeat song.  The music video is also interesting...


“We Three Kings” by Rod Stewart featuring Mary J. Blige.  These two singers sound incredible together!  Soulful and pretty.



Now you’re officially armed to drive everyone on your hall crazy!  Go forth and jam to some Christmas tunes!