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A visit to Le Marais in Paris

After a relatively quiet Saturday abroad in Paris, I spent a lazy Sunday visiting Le Marais
with my mom, who recently showed up in Paris for a spontaneous visit. Unlike many parts of Paris, everything is open in Le Marais on Sundays because it’s the Jewish quarter – Gay and Jewish quarter (weird combo, but I support love). My mom and I got quite lost getting there because I was convinced I knew exactly where I was going, parallel the Seine River, until my mom pointed out to me that we were going in the opposite direction. I’m also a man and hate asking for directions and am coincidentally incapable of reading maps (that’s why I need 3G so I can do it secretly). So eventually my mom took out the map, and I, of course, kept my distance so we wouldn’t look like your quintessential lost Asian tourists…and got there in the end!! We would’ve gotten there eventually anyway, I swear.

Our original goal for visiting Le Marais was to get shopping out of the way while my mom is here, but I bought a total of a vest, which led my mom to say, “We only came for the falafel, didn’t we?” Oh mother, you know me too well.

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