Into the Village: Finding Sustenance in Williamstown

This Saturday, many of us Jeffs will journey over mountains, valleys, and highways to a remote little village at the tip of Massachusetts known as Williamstown, in order to see an epic game between two fierce rivals.  Or, more likely, to drink beer, wander around, and make rude hand gestures at people wearing purple and pee-yellow.  At some point during these endeavors, you may find yourself in need of sustenance.  Even though the town is more appropriately sized for hobbits than for college students, hobbits need to eat too, and so Her Campus Amherst is here to give you the lowdown on the best joints to hit up.



Papa Charlie’s: This sandwich place is a classic.  Located on Spring Street practically on the Williams campus, the walls are covered with a menu of sandwiches named for famous actors and actresses.  Favorites include the Dr. Strangpork (melted provolone, hot turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon), and the Harry Jay Katz (hot roast beef, ham, melted swiss, coleslaw, Russian dressing).  This place is ideal for a quick refuel to soak up any beer you might be imbibing.   



Sushi Thai Garden: Let’s face it.  You didn’t actually come to watch the football.  Football is slow and confusing and even if you do understand what’s going on, is it really still that exciting after the first two hours??  If you’re looking for a longer break from the game, head to Sushi Thai garden.  You can’t really miss it, because it’s located on Spring Street, essentially across the street from Papa Charlie’s.  It’s pretty much your average Asian fusion place.  Enjoy the hiatus from football.  You deserve it! 



Sweets and Beans: Located on–you guessed it–Spring Street, this colorful and adorable coffee shop sells enough candy to get you through multiple football games.  They boast bar seating, ice cream, and crepes.  Why not just spend the whole day here?     



Enjoy your adventure in Williamstown!  And please, try not to get lost.  Because that’s just sad.  Oh, and good luck to the football team.