Valentine From Afar: Help Impoverished Communities and Save Endangered Species with 15% off!

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The Story/Mission of Creations for a Cause from their site:

     Founded in 2016, Creations for a Cause has become a destination for real-life stories to thrive. We share stories that are both vital to the global community and aligned with your philanthropic values. We source earth-forward materials from businesses and partners we trust, supporting our communities and creating meaningful relationships with those around us. We exist to create experiences where our hearts and purpose come together.

     We hear the voices in need quite loud and clear. Many of our efforts are focused on the youth and their families in at-risk, underserved communities. The faces we see - or do not see - in these communities have names, experiences, and stories about how their basic needs are not met because of the lack of access to resources. These communities need the most support whether it be through funding, empowerment, or education.

     The mission is to connect people to a purpose. Think Globally, Act Locally.

     We go beyond buying the creation from your local online store. We fund causes globally because we recognize our responsibility to the world. This commitment and how we do business every day is meant to inspire humanity.

     We support and empower communities in underdeveloped countries by increasing knowledge and access to resources. We develop strategic and targeted action plans based on the community need.

Creations for a Cause seeks to make a global impact on communities at-risk, one community at a time. We aim to build more resilient communities through collaborative planning and action. In doing so, we want to alleviate suffering and bring about hope and change to these underserved communities.

Are You Ready to Help Out?

Show an individual, community, or animal species that they have a Valentine from a far, and Shop creations on the site with 15% off using code ShatoyiaJ15 ! 

Happy Early Valentine's Day!