Trendsetter: Alternative Party Outfit Inspo for the Modest Woman

There is a stereotypical "club" or "party" wear that includes clothing that one wouldn't normally wear to a job, formal outing, or, for the Christian lady, church.

Why do we feel that we have to become more provocative and exude sex appeal through being half-dressed? Well, if that works for you, be my guest.

But, for those of us who have found it's just not our thing, here are 8 style inspo for a night out (including a night/dance club!)

Also, don't hesitate to recommend more style inspo you'd like me to do!

  1. Soft, Light, and Stylish JumpsuitCovered up and still oozing sex appeal, but in a classier, subtle way. And you can still get your life on the dance floor! There are all kinds of jumpsuits out there, so find the one that you like!
  2. Classy Casual
  3. Goi Diana Ross Glam on 'emIf you're not afraid to rock the long, flowy gowns and faux fur coats, with head wraps--GO AHEAD WITH YOUR BAD SELF! You can mix this up any way you like, add different colors, a shorter cut, different design.... again, this is only inspo!
  4. Classic Black and White with some edgeHigh waist skirts and beautifully designed crop tops are Classy and Modern.
  6. Gossip Girl Preppy Chic
  7. Sneakers
  8. Take Us Back to the '50s